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And now I am pleased to finally be able to answer the requests that have been pouring in from across the globe.

It’s time for an interview with Wendy, the dog and animal.

Question 1: Where exactly did you come from?

Answer: Thank you for this delightful and intriguing query, and let’s delve straight in to really savor this. My ancestor and great-great-grandmother Molly Entendre Moira Louisa Peppercorn-Darling first immigrated to this country in 1902 from Scotland, where she worked as a wrangler of shetland ponies. I was born in 2011 and was soon enveloped in the glorious partnership of Margot Brooks and Alex Eaton and have resided and lived in the green mountain state to this day.

Question 2: Wendy! What a flavorful name. How did you come by it?

Answer: I am named for the brilliant playwright Wendy Wasserstein, whose work and ease with life I adore and aspire to.

Question 3: Neat! Have you anything to say about your large ears and otherwise strange resemblance to the infamous water rat, another animal, when wet?

Answer: Well, all I can say on that score is that I am blessed with an acute sense of hearing and a slender tail. I have never met a water rat.

Well, Wendy you are truly a credit to us all and thank you ever so for this small FAQ, we are all much obliged!

Thank you Jill, my grandmother and devoted friend! I’ll be over for a snack at 5 or so, please have the ducks ready for their chase.   


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I finally finished my sketchbook project and we sent it in. It was all very last minute so I didn’t really do a good job on it and chewed all my bubblegum thinking of ideas for it! My favorite pages are the ones with the balloon letter and the portrait made of finger prints, which is a lot easier than it looks! To see the pages bigger, click on the photo.

We have been packing a lot and there is nothing left in my room. I have to sleep on the couch now because my bed is just boards and no mattress! There is also hardly a snack in the whole house, so we have to live mostly on ice water and dust. Calico Jack, luckily, is well supplied with fish food, so he needn’t worry.

I am to ride with Dad in the U-Haul when it’s time to depart, which means that I have to be the navigator. I am practicing the quickest way to unfold a map and have stocked up on tranquilizers, in case emotion levels reach a regrettable high (they usually involve the GPS).

Darby and Paul have been anxiously getting in the way of things and tampering with the boxes. Darby insists on getting his beard dirty, and even though I spend 15 minutes every day coaxing him with a biscuit, I still cannot get him to speak. Paul speaks rather too much, but Darby has the most patience in the world, and will not express himself no matter how frustrated you try to make him.

Au Revoir!


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And today here is another flower, by accident!

This is my violet pin. My mom gave it to me. It’s a brooch actually! It’s one of my favorites, it’s so gleamingly colorful and glossy, and absolutely fascinating. And, I whipped up something that you can use too! It was a snap.

Here is a virtual pin! To download it, click on it, it will come up bigger, and then right-click on it and select Save As, and then save it as something to your desktop! It is in the largest size for maximum whatever-you-call-it.

Here is an example:

Today was boring, and I feel that it was a bad one, and what will I think when I’m eighty years old and I recall this day? I just didn’t do anything, which is intolerable and worthy of hopeless sighs!

Anyway, this weekend we are going to visit my brother, and we are taking the dogs with us!

P.S- you can use this hooray! if you want, too. I drew it!

P.P.S.- I’m not terribly disappointed, you know, just sort of put out and grievously affronted. Goodbye!

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