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Here is the Christmas village by the bottom of the tree.

Also, as a small token or morsel, here is a tag that I made using the original image from The Graphics Fairy. You can use it for dashing African flair onto your presents.

To print it, click on the picture, then go to File>>Print, and cut it out! It prints smaller than it looks, and is the proper tag size.

I am sorry for the dark and ungainly picture.

P.S- Here’s what I like: Bubblegum. The largest recorded nose bubblegum bubble is 16 inches, which is rather large for a nose bubble. Someday I’ll break that record.


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Here is how to make them:

Fold the paper, back side up, in half from top to bottom and side to side and unfold.

Fold all four pointy corners into the center of the paper, like this!

Repeat two more times.

Now, fold out the pointy tips of the top layer, like this.

Fold the second layer out and repeat with the third layer.

(we must skip a step, for time’s sake)

Fold back the tips of the first layer, making flat rhombuses instead of triangles, and glue the points firmly down and out of the way.

Now, glue something in the center of the medallion, for instance, a button, a pinwheel, or a smaller version of the medallion itself.

Now, affix some tails to the back of the medallion, paper or ribbon.

The medallion is fin!

You can glue a magnet or a pin to the backs of these.

These medallions are superb to make, and they look very peppy and suave. I love them!

Now, I have to go, there are things to do!

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This is how to make a fantastic pig.

1) A plain white piece of paper, 6 inches by 6 inches.

2) Paper doilies

3) A black ink pen

4) A pencil

5) A small paintbrush

6) A larger paintbrush

7) Some paints

8) A fine tipped bottle of glue

9) An assortment of glitters

10) A pointy needle

11) Thread

12) Some different papers and things

13) Scissors

14) A collection of small buttons

Fold the paper in half and unfold.

Now, fold the top and the bottom edges to the crease that you just made and unfold, which  will make four identical rectangles.

Now, fold them back up again.

Now fold the top left and right corners down to meet the center crease.

Next, pull the right corner of the top flap over to meet the crease, so that it pops out, and push down on the line in the center of the triangle to flatten it.

Like that!

Repeat on the bottom side.

Now, flip the paper over and fold the bottom up to the top.

Like that!

Fold the two inner sides of the triangles down to match up with the line in the center of the triangle. Flip over and repeat on the other side.

Fold the front point behind the pig’s head to make a nose.


And, fold the pointy part down in order to form a proper snout.

Now, fold the back point in so that it’s edges are diagonal with the edge of the paper.

Now, make another fold, behind this time, and then push the folds you just made in between the two layers.

Now we add real character!

Paint the pig perfectly pink, or absolutely blue, or anything you like.

I painted some flowers on my pig.

Now sow on a button for an eye. Or, you could draw one with some glue and glitter it, or paint one, or embroider one.

I suggest making a hat or painting hair or making a mole or a mustache.

You can also use these pigs for picture holders or as business cards, or to hold a secret note, or as a tag on a present.

I hope that you like the pigs. They are very fun to make, and I named one of them Reynard and the other one Bogart. They become real live things after you paint them, they are simply great.

I would like an enormous magnifying glass.


P.S.- I won’t be around much this weekend, because my sister and her boyfriend are coming home again, and we are making caramel apples and things! So, if I don’t post on Saturday or Sunday, please do excuse me.

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This is a peek of what I am going to post tomorrow. I didn’t have time to do a long post tonight, so this is just a small piece of one, I guess.

Today we took a walk round a lake and now we are very hungry and having dinner. Tomorrow the post will be fun!

Night Night!

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Today I designed a card with a whale on the front for anybody to print out and download. It is a clue for something which I shall post soon. Click on the large download to download the card, and then just click on file>>print. It is a miniature card.

Here are the instructions:

I didn’t have time to take any good pictures of the actual real life card, but I printed it out, and though it is small, it has character. I drew the whale and all myself, so I am proud of it.

I won’t be able to post the special surprise until Monday or Tuesday, because we are going to visit my sister Margot and her boyfriend Alex in Vermont and staying until Monday. I have packed my magnifying glass.

I am very sleepy now and today has been rushety rush all round, so now I have to take a bath and go to bed!

Good night!

I hope you like the card.

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And now, straight from the offices of JFB, is how to make a small box for keeping things in. You can keep honey bees or a tiny shrub or even postage stamps  in them! They are good for anything really, and excellent for giving things to people in. I like using paper with words on it, but regular old origami paper works good too, but is not as elegant. Now, here’s what you do.


On Sunday we are going to Water Safari, New York’s largest water theme park! I love water safari, and I’ve been lots, but it’s one of the funnest places ever! My favorite rides are the Black River, Cascade Falls, and the Lazy River. I have never been on many of the rides. And plus, they have a new ride. The Curse of the Sliverback. A one hundred foot slide down a tube into a rather large bowl which swirls you round and  round until you drop through a hole in the middle into a big pool. I can’t wait, and am extra excited!

I forgot to say that to make the bottom of the box, you just repeat all the steps, but cut the paper down 1/4  of an inch smaller so it will fit inside the top.

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Marbled paper is something that sparkles out when you look at it. I use it practically all the time, and if you’d like to be as beguiling as I am, you can start by making some of it.

Scientific Explanation- The Alum in shaving cream makes the paint stick to the paper. Alum is also used as a preservative in pickles and maraschino cherries, but of those, shaving cream is the most sensible for marbling.

I used Golden’s acrylic paints and Rives BFK paper, which is made in France for extra glamour.

(click for a larger view of completed papers.)

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