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I have dreamt of having call ducks for nearly 2 years, ever since I saw them quacking loudly at the fair. Anyway, they arrived on the last day of school. They are a nice portable size and they fit softly in your hand. They are all sprinkled over in a soft down and stick their chests out very properly. Also they have a miniature bill and little leathery feet. It’s like one breath could blow them away!

Isn’t it marvelous that a flock of docks can be wrapped up in brown paper and tied up in string with a “par avion” label and flown across the country? The postal service is the most magical of all government branches.

There are 6 ducklings and they are 6 days old. They still get a little startled and cheep rather loudly when I pick them up which makes me sad, but that’s only to be expected I guess. I am so glad to have them! Hooray! Just wait until you meet them, I’ll post pictures later this week probably.


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Oh, the places we’ll go!

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At our new house there is the most glorious lilac bush. It is the grandest one I have seen yet, and rambles along an ancient tree and flaunts high into the sky. It must be at least 100 years old, and there is a tidy little hollow hidden in its recesses. It’s the most wonderful spot I’ve ever seen for reading or writing in, closeted in by lilacs!

At our new house there is a flock of old, old trees. I want to hang a swing from one of them. They have been there for so long, certainly one of them needs a swing!

Isin’t the Schwinn Breeze positively terrific? We hunted for ages before we found a bike just right for me. It has a headlight. I want to get a basket and a bell for it. Everyday at school all I can think of is getting home to go for an explore on it, but I haven’t had time to go for a real ride on it yet. I will do a full feature on it directly!

Mom and Dad went to a cow auction and bought 15 jersey cows. Our milking parlor is all ready, so we have been milking! The new cows are lovely and very friendly. One of them might have a calf today. If so, I shall report it. You can count on me, friends! Actually, right now the new cows are pastured in the field with the lilac bush.


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My birthday was the best! I always like having it, especially since it’s on April Fool’s Day. Wasn’t I lucky to born on one of the best holidays?

My big present was a kindle! It was a rather enormous surprise to see it, because I have never even considered having one, and have sometimes fought against them. So at first I sort of under-reacted, I think, but after that I got excited for it! I still love real life books, they are marvelous. But I was always running out before, and now I never will! And I’ll still go to the library, too, just because it is one of my favorite places.

Tomorrow we are going to a magnificent antique store maybe to look for kindle cases. I’m sure they made them hundreds of years ago! Also, I need some more interesting jewelry.

Stephanie and Micah came home for my birthday as a surprise, so Micah and I have been playing Super Mario Brothers! Micah is really good at it, and I’m not, so we are great at it!

Besides the kindle I also got a kindle light. It’s actually for the nook, which is an e-reader made by Barnes and Noble, but it works for both. It’s called the Lyra Light, and it’s neck is very bendy and nice.

Bon Nuit!

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My Dresser

This is what my dresser looks like! I decided to use tea cups for things since I don’t have an actual jewelry box, and I like them better anyway! I don’t know why Jane Eyre is still there since I finished it weeks ago, and my wallet from Ghana is just a cool thing. It was sent to me from pen pals in Ghana. Pen Pals are great!

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These are the pajamas that I got for Christmas.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to post a lot in these coming weeks, because we are packing and taping things up, because we are moving very soon, so everything will be rushed and extra busy.

Last night we got pizza and root beer floats. If you let the float sit at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes, the ice cream will taste like whipped cream when you eat it, did you know?!

I am reading The Riddle of the Red Whale by Edward Fenton, because all the other books are packed!

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It’s an antique file which I got at a consignment shop called the Dorset Exchange.

I also got these, for 50 cents:

I don’t know what they are, but I like them!

I have to work all day long today on my sketchbook project because they’re supposed to be sent in by tomorrow, and so I already feel tired and slightly grumpy, but we are also having apple pie.

There is a lot of snow outside, and Pete says that Connecticut it’s hip high! I want to go play outside later but I don’t think it’s packing snow…

Now I have to go, because there is lots to do and I am rather run down.

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