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I write lots of things on the shopping list and hardly ever get any of them, of course, except this time mom actually brought back Nutella! And Werther’s!

I tried Nutella once a long time ago, and I remember it being to chocolaty. It still is, but I like it! It tastes like the filling of a chocolate, and is made in Canada! It’s healthy! I eat sandwiches all the time now.

I have been busy, busy, busy. My To Do list has been full, full, full. I love To Do lists, don’t we all? I’ll try to post tomorrow, but it’ll probably be an enormous sigh!

We saw the new Harry Potter on sunday. It was wonderful! I loved it. It is much more serious than all the others, but still funny in parts, and very exciting. Also, the middle is supposed to be boring, that’s when they’re sad! They got every part of the first half of the book, and only changed a few things, to make it more exciting. I’m glad it’s made in two parts, because it fits everything in this way. I don’t know how I’ll wait for the second part! We had cheesecake afterwards. I always like the design of things in the Harry Potter movies, like the Daily Prophet and Rita Skeeter’s book and the Quibbler. It’s good inspiration.

I think Fred Astaire is actually an alright singer! NOT Jimmy Durante. Fred Astaire was once married to a female jockey 40 years younger than him.


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Tonight we had lentil soup for dinner.

The lentil is the worst of all beans, from the great northern to the kidney, and this is why:

The lentil has no taste, except for dustyness. It’s as if the lentil has spent all it’s summers in saudi arabia and it’s winters in the sahara, which is really an awful place to winter. The only place for the lentil is nowhere near anything.

Dinner was alright, we at least had some homemade bread to balance out the lentil, but no lentil at all would’ve been much nicer.

The only thing interesting about the lentil is the shape, but other than that, it’s just ghastly. Anyway, that’s simply all I can say which concerns the lentil, and that is absolutely the last of it!

Now, I am rather tired from this long and rather extensive day, and I think I’ll have some creme brulee ice cream, my favorite!

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