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The small but steep hill behind our house was teeming with wildflowers in early summer. They spill endlessly down and wave like streamers in the wind, yearning towards the hills.

After a ride on the trail it’s nice to sink down among the flowers and smell the wind blowing over from the mountains.

Pipkin often makes a dash for the tall grass in the evening when it’s time for bed in efforts to escape.


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When I was visiting my brother Peter with my sister Margot and her boyfriend Alex we went to Strom King art center.

They had couches made out of nickles.

This one was my favorite. It was a huge stone wall by Andy Goldsworthy that stretched on for ages and twisted round trees.

That’s all!

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My oldest sister Stephanie was married (to Micah) in the beginning of June. It was a very miniature wedding, lacking much fuss, really, which isn’t what they wanted at all. In fact there were only two guests, my brother Peter and his girlfriend Abi. We couldn’t go because it was too far away and also we had to milk.

So, instead of an enormous fancy wedding where nobody has fun and all the money you spent on it goes down the drain, they had a wedding celebration later in June! It was in hay mow of our barn, and mom and I made all the tissue paper flowers. I made all the paper cranes. It was wonderful, and I built a hay couch. It was a pain to sweep out all the extra hay as we had just unloaded a couple of days before, but setting everything up was fun.

Sorry if I sound sleepy, because I am!

I had a physical yesterday and apparently I am in prime condition. I wish they had told me my height.

So anyway, happy wedding to us all!

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My week of exams is finally over, though it dragged on for years. That’s why I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to post. I’ve been studying and sleeping, and that’s all I’ve had time for.

Today was the last day of school. It was fun, there were two bouncy houses and a cotton candy machine and snow cones and ice cream and a barbecue. Also there was a 100 foot tall rock wall to climb. The entire last week was half days.

And now the entire glorious summer is stretched out endlessly before me, one eternal golden hay field! Adventure is sailing on the horizon and growing tangled in a vegetable patch.

I NEED to find a bike basket!

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At our new house there is the most glorious lilac bush. It is the grandest one I have seen yet, and rambles along an ancient tree and flaunts high into the sky. It must be at least 100 years old, and there is a tidy little hollow hidden in its recesses. It’s the most wonderful spot I’ve ever seen for reading or writing in, closeted in by lilacs!

At our new house there is a flock of old, old trees. I want to hang a swing from one of them. They have been there for so long, certainly one of them needs a swing!

Isin’t the Schwinn Breeze positively terrific? We hunted for ages before we found a bike just right for me. It has a headlight. I want to get a basket and a bell for it. Everyday at school all I can think of is getting home to go for an explore on it, but I haven’t had time to go for a real ride on it yet. I will do a full feature on it directly!

Mom and Dad went to a cow auction and bought 15 jersey cows. Our milking parlor is all ready, so we have been milking! The new cows are lovely and very friendly. One of them might have a calf today. If so, I shall report it. You can count on me, friends! Actually, right now the new cows are pastured in the field with the lilac bush.


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This week is my spring break, so there’s lots to do. These are the crocuses in the front yard, and also a bud from our easter tree.

The peepers are peeping and mom and Darby and Paul and went for a walk this morning and put up the hammock and I am feeling rather washed out, so I’m off! I’ll try to post more this week but it’s so nice and warm out!

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Here is another small post. It is only this picture, which I took a long time ago at a picnic in the summer, but which I just found again. Look at the balloon, isn’t it lovely?

Here’s what I like: Sabrina, the movie! We watched it while we packed, and it is so nice!

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