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The small but steep hill behind our house was teeming with wildflowers in early summer. They spill endlessly down and wave like streamers in the wind, yearning towards the hills.

After a ride on the trail it’s nice to sink down among the flowers and smell the wind blowing over from the mountains.

Pipkin often makes a dash for the tall grass in the evening when it’s time for bed in efforts to escape.


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The d&h rail trail runs for 40 miles through Vermont. It’s just down the hill behind our house and is canopied by maples and birches. It is kept up very well by the state, and it’s very flat, so it’s perfect for bike riding. I ride to my sister’s house all the time by way of the trail. Usually there’s no one on it, so you can whoop and yell as loud as you want.

Here is what I have been doing lately:

Playing Soccer

Listening to this song (perfect for rail trail rambles)

Writing in my journal

Reading these books:





I especially love the last two, they two of my new favorites.

Writing letters

toasting marshmallows over the stove

working on secret projects

clipping duck wings

eating at bad restaurants

eating ice cream

mowing the huge lawn with a push mower because the riding one broke

picking flowers


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I have dreamt of having call ducks for nearly 2 years, ever since I saw them quacking loudly at the fair. Anyway, they arrived on the last day of school. They are a nice portable size and they fit softly in your hand. They are all sprinkled over in a soft down and stick their chests out very properly. Also they have a miniature bill and little leathery feet. It’s like one breath could blow them away!

Isn’t it marvelous that a flock of docks can be wrapped up in brown paper and tied up in string with a “par avion” label and flown across the country? The postal service is the most magical of all government branches.

There are 6 ducklings and they are 6 days old. They still get a little startled and cheep rather loudly when I pick them up which makes me sad, but that’s only to be expected I guess. I am so glad to have them! Hooray! Just wait until you meet them, I’ll post pictures later this week probably.

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My week of exams is finally over, though it dragged on for years. That’s why I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to post. I’ve been studying and sleeping, and that’s all I’ve had time for.

Today was the last day of school. It was fun, there were two bouncy houses and a cotton candy machine and snow cones and ice cream and a barbecue. Also there was a 100 foot tall rock wall to climb. The entire last week was half days.

And now the entire glorious summer is stretched out endlessly before me, one eternal golden hay field! Adventure is sailing on the horizon and growing tangled in a vegetable patch.

I NEED to find a bike basket!

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At our new house there is the most glorious lilac bush. It is the grandest one I have seen yet, and rambles along an ancient tree and flaunts high into the sky. It must be at least 100 years old, and there is a tidy little hollow hidden in its recesses. It’s the most wonderful spot I’ve ever seen for reading or writing in, closeted in by lilacs!

At our new house there is a flock of old, old trees. I want to hang a swing from one of them. They have been there for so long, certainly one of them needs a swing!

Isin’t the Schwinn Breeze positively terrific? We hunted for ages before we found a bike just right for me. It has a headlight. I want to get a basket and a bell for it. Everyday at school all I can think of is getting home to go for an explore on it, but I haven’t had time to go for a real ride on it yet. I will do a full feature on it directly!

Mom and Dad went to a cow auction and bought 15 jersey cows. Our milking parlor is all ready, so we have been milking! The new cows are lovely and very friendly. One of them might have a calf today. If so, I shall report it. You can count on me, friends! Actually, right now the new cows are pastured in the field with the lilac bush.


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I haven’t posted in ages I know, but I have been so busy. We moved into our new house and have been scrabbling round putting things up and sticking things down, and I’ve started at a new school (which I really like). Our new house is large and wonderful and a marvelous grey African goose came with it named Oscar! My room is the best room in the whole place. Here is a sneak preview of it:

Here is what I have been doing lately:

and also this, watering my new begonia:

This week is my break from school, a whole 9 days! I have 4 days left, and there’s so much to do. I like all of my teachers at school, and even Physics is fun. Also, all the teachers are called by their first names, and you can eat in most of the classes! I have an acting class and I am in chorus, and a writing class where you just sit there and write and eat cookies and lollipops. It is hard to make friends all over again, and I still feel a little out of place, and also it was hard to find my way around to classes for a while, but everyone helped me and I am making friends pretty fast! Also, you can get a cinnamon bun for 50 cents.

Here are some preview pictures of our new house. Soon, I will do a full house tour!

Actually that’s the only picture!

Here’s what I like: dangling dog biscuits tied to a string tied to a cane over the railing of my room and teasing the dogs!

Anyway, that is all that’s happened, except for that I can’t edit photos anymore because photoshop is broken, and also that I am reading the Lord of the Rings and I’m on the last book! I also watched the first two movies since I’m past those and I really liked them! I have never really seen them before, but I am glad to see them now. Also I have really been wanting a donut. I will try to post again soon.


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Here is another small post. It is only this picture, which I took a long time ago at a picnic in the summer, but which I just found again. Look at the balloon, isn’t it lovely?

Here’s what I like: Sabrina, the movie! We watched it while we packed, and it is so nice!

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