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These are the pajamas that I got for Christmas.

I don’t think that I’ll be able to post a lot in these coming weeks, because we are packing and taping things up, because we are moving very soon, so everything will be rushed and extra busy.

Last night we got pizza and root beer floats. If you let the float sit at room temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes, the ice cream will taste like whipped cream when you eat it, did you know?!

I am reading The Riddle of the Red Whale by Edward Fenton, because all the other books are packed!


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My Bedside Table

I got this idea from here, and I thought it was a good one.

This is what is on my bedside table:

1) My lamp.

2) My alarm clock, which my sister Stephanie got for me this time at the Play toy store. It has a pecking hen on the front and a jolly bell.

3) My reading glasses, which I hardly ever use.

4) A coaster that came in a present from Beth. It usually has a drink on it.

5) A Magnifying glass for observing ladybugs. There are such a lot of them lately!

6) A werther’s original. I only have two left!

7) A bookmark

8) A book which I finished last night before bed and which I sort of mentioned in the last post.

9) A composition notebook.

That’s all of it!

Right now I am very thirsty even though I am drinking a cup of tea, and I would really like a cream soda or a root beer barrel. Today we went on another long and boring car trip and had lunch. I got a Mary Ann South of the Border burger and curly fries. It was especially good. Now I am off to play outside, so long!


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