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If you want to see what milking time is like at Consider Bardwell Farm you should watch 0 video. It was made by Micah and my sister Margot is the girl in it. The one with the beard is Georgia! Micah’s other videos are awesome too, if you want to see what the rest of Consider Bardwell is like you should watch the one called Consider Bardwell Farm. Click on the picture to see the video.

Consider Bardwell is the farm right next door to our farm, where my sister works. When our barns are all fixed up we are going to milk cows, and that milk will go to Consider Bardwell to be made into cheese with their goat milk. Our barns are almost finished! The milking parlor is nearly ready to go, I think. The barns on our farm are very old, from the early 1800’s, so they have needed lots of fixing. Our farm is called Wayward Goose Farm, because of this long story involving a goose, which I am too, too hungry to tell right now!


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I have been doing a lot lately, but at the same time doing nothing. Sometimes, Darby and I say to each other,

“What’s the meaning of it all?”




“Why are you so sure”

and things like that. Paul never really listens. I have been marbling paper and reading and drawing and cutting and folding and writing and planning and scheming with Darby, and have done hardly any playing! It is cold outside and gray and wet, just like November.

All the leaves are off the trees, of course, and are all crinkly and go skipping all around the tree trunks.

“There is almost nothing that has such a keen sense of fun as a fallen leaf.”-J.M. Barrie

And that is what is called a quote.

November is here for no reason, I don’t think, other than to make people sad, but I don’t let it! It’s an opportunity for a challenge, that’s all, to prove that things are still lively and fun.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One comes out at midnight tonight! I can’t wait to see it! I love Harry Potter and have read them all over five times and told everyone the endings! I am so excited to see it, even though everybody has to wait until next July to see the second half, and it cannot, of course, be quite as extraordinary as the book. We are not going at midnight.

Everyone should see it!

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Danger Man is one of my favorite t.v. shows. It was made in the sixties, and stars Patrick Mcgoohan. I like Patrick, so long as it’s not the Prisoner.

Danger Man is about John Drake, who works as an agent for NATO. Whenever there’s a really strange, curious, or peculiar case, or a really hard-to-figure or messy case, they call in John Drake. He usually goes under cover and flips over armed men and solves mysteries. But, sometimes he feels sad, and sometimes he gets shot, but mostly, he’s a secret agent.

Danger Man is classy. The cases are always interesting, and the spying is so much better than it is nowadays. Spies had to have wits, and know how to use them! Also, it’s filmed in black and white, which is always timelessly good.

Today was utterly uneventful, and I have a really bad case of throat clearing. I didn’t even have the time to type on my typewriter during a thunderstorm, which is really a disappointment!

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All those people who think their lives are all bad are wrong. They just haven’t been making popcorn the right way!

Let me introduce to you a better way of life;


(homemade, with butter and salt.)

Today I am a traveling salesman, and popcorn is my product. I insist that you try it, no matter how many times you refuse. I  am only an amateur salesman, but I’m a professional wheedler.

Now, I bring you to you, step by step, the simplicity of it all. Pay attention!

Step #1:

Round up your supplies. All you’ll need is 5 simple ingredients.

#1) A Hot Air Popcorn Popper

#2) Popcorn kernels, available anyplace

#3) A rather large bowl

#4) Adobo, or, under strained circumstances, salt and pepper.

#5) Some butter, the amount to be discussed when choosing bowl size and tastyness. I think it’s best with lots of butter, but what would popcorn be without options? You are absolutely free to choose how much you put on and where you put it.

Step #2:

Plug in the popper and go pop! Be sure to spin the bowl so as to fill all sides, other wise it’ll overflow. It makes it even better if you choreograph a quick dance in time to the pops.

Step #3:

Melt the butter when you get bored of watching the pops.

Step #4:

Pour on the butter and dash on the Adobo or salt and pepper.

Step #5:

Stir everything up and slosh it around.

Then pour yourself a glass of something and

It’s best with a hunk of cheddar cheese. Once you’ve had my kind of popcorn you’ll never go back. There’s so much good in each pop, it’s like eating a piece of happiness! (here’s where I’d wink.) This kind of popcorn is always best with an old movie. It Happened to Jane and Holiday are good.

I think that was a job well done.

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Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress, because she has grace and an air of fun and play. If I ever grow up, I’ll be just like her.

Funny Face is a proper movie, with lots of french, fashion, dancing, skyscrapers, books, magazine editors, and photography.

Kay Thompson is in Funny Face too. She wrote the Eloise books and always traveled with her bongo drums. Eloise is a great girl, and everyone should read about her.

Anyhow, Funny Face is fine, and there’s simply nothing more to say. It’s a good kind of movie, with a certain feel.

Tomorrow I am going to post about making popcorn the right way, because we are having popcorn for dinner tonight. Peter and I are very good popcorn makers, because we take the whole process very seriously. It’s the only way to go about making it.

Now Darby, Paul, Pipkin and I are going outside to play pirates. Pipkin can’t come outside, but he sits in the window and yells, so we pretend that’s he’s a prisoner locked in the brig. Paul’s pirate name is Cashmere Roberts, and Darby’s Captain Top, but I don’t have one yet, and we just call Pipkin Little Barnacle.

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Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell

His Girl Friday is one of my most favorite movies. It has everything that I love in it. Typewriters, old fashioned black telephones, lots of talking, reporters,dashing around, police chases, wild hunts, and Cary Grant, who is my favorite classical actor.

Hildy Johnson is ready to give up reporting for good to marry her boring beau Bruce. Her ex-husband, Walter Burns, is determined to get her back as a reporter and his wife. As he tries to convince her that Bruce is dull and dilapidated, an extra good story floats by that Hildy can’t resist. With Walter Burns encouraging her to report one last time and discouraging Bruce, Bruce’s horrible mother in town, and general complications involving death sentences and confessions, hunting down the true, true story is hard.

His Girl Friday is a whirl wind of action, mystery, and suspense, set in the bustle of New York City. I love the clicking of all the typewriter keys, the hurried phone calls, the bowler hats, and the lengths the reporters go to uncover the story. It’s my kind of movie, and it’s enthralling!

Photo from: doctormacro.com

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Andy is off to college and the toys are in a rut. They haven’t been played with in years, Andy hardly glances at them, and their future is uncertain. Woody is put in the box going to college, but Buzz and the others are mistaken for trash by Andy’s mom. Luckily, they manage to save themselves from the garbage truck by sneaking into a donations box for Sunnyside daycare center. Woody tries to convince them to go back, but they are sure that Andy meant to throw them away, though he really meant to stow them in the attic. Woody is skeptical of Sunnyside when they arrive, but the others think it’s a paradise, where they’ll be played with and loved forever. They find how wrong they are when they are put in the Caterpillar room with the toddlers, and are painted, chewed, and generally misused. They soon discover that the daycare center is more like a prison, and a high security one at that. Can they overcome the obstacles, such as shrieking alarm monkeys, evil stuffed bears, and droopy eyed baby guards?

At first, I didn’t like this new Toy Story, mostly because of the Andy parts in the beginning. He looks different, his voice is new, and he has long hair. However, as the movie proceeded to Sunnyside, I grew to enjoy it. It’s exciting, and the ending is just about right. All in all, I’d say this was a good conclusion to the movies. My favorite Toy Story is still the 2nd, but this latest one has a satisfying ending, the usual suspense, and more charming characters, as always. I liked it!

Toy Story always makes me want to get out all my toys and play with them. I love the toys in the movies, and wish that I was one, sort of. If I was a toy, I’d either be a dinosaur or a stuffed rabbit or something of that sort. I loved the triceratops in the movie, just how she typed and looked and acted. I like triceratops’s in general though, they are my favorite dinosaur, and if I’m ever in any danger I pretend to be one.

People don’t realize the value of toys after they are grown. They help you imagine all sorts of things, lend moral support, offer helpful insight for stories. I still play with mine. Of course, I gave away the more minor ones (the cupcake dolls, Barbies, and polly-pockets) to my little cousins, whom I know take good care of them and play with them often, but I kept the important ones, like Kit, my american girl doll. I play with her a lot. I also kept Penny peach and baby doll, and all of my stuffed animals, but sometimes I wish I didn’t give any of them away. I miss playing with them, but I know they are played with lots where they are. I will still play with my toys when I am 102, and people will think I’m crazy, but I’m not, really! It’s just people are more embarrassed to have playtime the bigger they grow, but it’s such fun! Most forget how, but I’m not going to, never, ever.

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