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I Like These Things

Today I explored our new gravel pit and collected rocks! Also I organized my art tackle box and made another tassel. Last night the moon was as close to the earth as it’s going to be in 18 years. Did you see it? I could barely sleep because it shined into my room so much! Also I finished my art project today for drawing class. This is it:

It’s three point perspective, aka: bird’s eye view, of course!


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I finally finished my sketchbook project and we sent it in. It was all very last minute so I didn’t really do a good job on it and chewed all my bubblegum thinking of ideas for it! My favorite pages are the ones with the balloon letter and the portrait made of finger prints, which is a lot easier than it looks! To see the pages bigger, click on the photo.

We have been packing a lot and there is nothing left in my room. I have to sleep on the couch now because my bed is just boards and no mattress! There is also hardly a snack in the whole house, so we have to live mostly on ice water and dust. Calico Jack, luckily, is well supplied with fish food, so he needn’t worry.

I am to ride with Dad in the U-Haul when it’s time to depart, which means that I have to be the navigator. I am practicing the quickest way to unfold a map and have stocked up on tranquilizers, in case emotion levels reach a regrettable high (they usually involve the GPS).

Darby and Paul have been anxiously getting in the way of things and tampering with the boxes. Darby insists on getting his beard dirty, and even though I spend 15 minutes every day coaxing him with a biscuit, I still cannot get him to speak. Paul speaks rather too much, but Darby has the most patience in the world, and will not express himself no matter how frustrated you try to make him.

Au Revoir!


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This is a letter that I sent to Stephanie a long time ago.

The front was a picture of colonel Nosekh, who gained personal renown for inventing the marine technique of shooting oneself out of a cannon at oncoming adversaries.

The envelope was my favorite. I love writing letters! I think I am rather good at them.

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Actually, it’s only one drawing, which I thought was exceptionally great, especially since it was my first graphite drawing ever! It’s more black in real life.

Today I drew this mostly, and we got some more apples, which are generally going to be made into something, and I am  hungry, so I really can’t be more anxious to go and eat it.

Also I read a lot and sat wondering about things and putting on masks and thinking out stories. Now, I have to go and take a shower, which is really the last straw. Shower’s are so dull, and I really wish somebody would at least invent a waterproof book.

Night Night, and sorry for the weakly post!

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Here is the cover of my Sketchbook Project, which I posted about a long time ago. I’m not sure about it, but I think it’s alright.

Today I put on my pirate hat and read outside and looked inside Paul’s mouth with my spyglass. It is very windy. Milkweed is blowing through the wind, and shines in the sun so. It looks like thousands of fairies, off to a convention, or a wedding, or an execution,(They are wicked this time of year, of course.) or a bell ringing or something.

I am re-reading Harry Potter again, even though I have read it countless time, and even though the first 3 books are lost. I am beginning to regret this whole thing, especially Life in General. And, the Werther’s Originals are gone!

I am going to glue some feathers in this book that I have and clutch my stomach, because it is hungry!


P.S.- My eye keeps on twitching, and it is the worst!


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Moon Balloon

Here is a drawing I made of a boy holding onto a balloon, which is actually a moon at the top. It’s the Harvest Moon, actually. I am going to put it into my everything book, which is actually a book for just everything! I like it.

Today I learned how to make an origami wallet and got a lot done on my typewriter, and finished another drawing and had a bagel for lunch. I didn’t mean to not post, I just accidentally didn’t remember.

Tonight mom is making chocolate zucchini cake and pepperoni roll, and tomorrow my sister is coming home for a visit, whether she wants to or not, I’ve already decided for her. Today mom and I took a walk to an old graveyard, but before we could get there it started thundering and the sky lit up with a blaze! So we had to skitter back home.

Darby got a new bed, and he hates it, just as I thought. The only reason he sleeps on it is because Pipkin slaps him if he tries to get on the old one, and this really should not frighten him, because Pipkin has no claws, but it does anyway. Usually he is too sleepy even to growl.

The leaves have nearly all changed.

Today is the Fall Equinox, which means the earth is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun.

Bon nuit, mon amie!

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Mom and I signed up for the Sketchbook Project, and our sketchbooks just came. I have lots of dandy ideas for mine. I chose Nighttime Stories for my theme, which makes me think of hot air balloons and rose gardens.

The sketchbooks will be featured in galleries and museums around the country, and then entered permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library, where I can visit them with the library card that came with the sketch book! I haven’t yet started drawing in the sketch book, but I’ll post up some photographs when I get something of interest in there.

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