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This is another present from Christmas! It’s a vase with beaucoup d’elegance! I so far have used it with a candle inside, and it looks like a magic lantern all lit up, and casts a blue glow, like being under water. I love it! It is my first vase, so I can’t wait until it’s summer to put dahlias in it, which are the world’s  most pretentious flower, of course.

This is another present, this gray sweater! It is very warm and has 6% rabbit hair!

Today is Darby’s birthday! He is 8 years old, even though he doesn’t know it. I sang Happy Birthday to him and he rolled onto his back, so I think he is probably enthusiastic. I am going to make him special homemade biscuits with cinnamon in them. He loves cinnamon! Darby is a wonderful person, and goes everywhere with me. Someday we will climb Mt. Vesuvius!

It is cold outside, but there’s no snow, not even a dab! Tomorrow we are going to Vermont to visit my sister Margot and drop off some things for our new house/farm. We are moving to a farm that is neighbors with Consider Bardwell farm, which is where Margot works. I am not sure how long we’ll be gone, but only a few days. We are taking the dogs with us and also I have a whole pack of bubblegum, so we are completely prepared.




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My new sweaters for the season, one a big, cushy, comfy, patterned one to wear on airplane rides, the other a simple, fancy, white and light one with a touch of ruffly things at the shoulder, for bike rides! They were both presents for Christmas and now they are both serious staples of my wardrobe! Also, I really had no sweaters before, except for two which are both very nice, but which I got sort of tired of wearing day after day.

So far today I made a waxed mustache for Pipkin, which, let me be honest, wasn’t very stable. I also worked on my sketchbook project (which is due in only two weeks! Eep! There’s so much to do!) some more and miniaturized this picture:

It’s the one I took of Grand Central Station!

The New Year is going to be so full of everything, and I am excited for it! I never write down resolutions. I have some, but they’re too big and long to write down, and also, I usually think of billions of other ones along the way. Usually I get them all done. I mostly just decide to be happy through the whole New Year! I am not grumpy, unless I am asked to drink coffee or am smacked in the face, which I think are reasonable terms.

Bye for now!

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These are two of the Christmas presents I got this year!

The ruler is for making plans for grand cathedrals and musical waterfalls and building kites! On the back it has rules for Boys and Girls written by Mark Twain, which brighten up my hum drum life! It came from the Mark Twain Library in Connecticut, which is a fact.

And, the fountain pen is for writing in my journal, official and important correspondence, and just everything! It’s really fun to put the ink in, and it’s as smooth as a dream! I keep it in a special compartment in my writing desk that locks with a key, which I keep in my treasure chest, which locks with another key. I have always wanted a fountain pen!

Bon Soir!

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Christmas this year was fun! It was much different than most of our Christmases, but it was Christmas, and it was awfully nice.

It was in the enormous education building at New Pond Farm where my brother works, since his apartment is rather small. We didn’t have a tree, so we were sad, but then, we decided to get one! We went shopping on Christmas Eve for it and got lights and ribbon to decorate it, but mostly we made paper snowflakes and stuck them on the branches. Darby wore his sweater mostly.

The fire was so delightful.

There were so many presents!

When Stephanie got there she had a kitten! Micah (who is her boyfriend) gave it to her for Christmas! Her name is Lulu, and she wouldn’t poop.

There were all sorts of cookies and pies and so much food, we could only lie around and wish we hadn’t eaten the cookies.

I love opening presents! We do it slowly, and this year we did it extra slowly, because we had to wait until Margot and Stephanie arrived, and they arrived at five o’ clock! We had our Christmas feast and then after cleaning up we opened the presents. It was a long wait!

I got wonderful presents, which I adore and can’t do without. They are all magic and opening them was so exciting! I am going to carefully detail each one in the coming weeks.

I gave the toast at dinner. It was a collaboration between Margot and I, and it was very good. My delivery was sublime.

At night we watched Christmas movies on the wall above the fireplace using a projector, so it was like going to the movies!

Christmas is wonderful…

Now, I have to go catalog all of my books!

P.S.- Here is the toast I said: (you can use it if you want!)

“Here’s to crispy turkey skin, crackling fires, dog sweaters, immaculate conception, and being together For a Merry Christmas in the year two thousand and ten!” *clinkle of glasses and cries of bravo*


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Today I gave the dogs baths and now they are puffy and shiny, but my back hurts! I also wrapped up the last of my presents and checked everyone off my To Give list, which is an enormous weight off my shoulders. I have a headache.

This year we are going to Connecticut for Christmas, where my brother lives! Everyone is coming, and it is going to be fun. I charged my camera. I can’t wait for Christmas! So, I won’t be here for four or possibly five days.


and see you later!


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Here is the Christmas village by the bottom of the tree.

Also, as a small token or morsel, here is a tag that I made using the original image from The Graphics Fairy. You can use it for dashing African flair onto your presents.

To print it, click on the picture, then go to File>>Print, and cut it out! It prints smaller than it looks, and is the proper tag size.

I am sorry for the dark and ungainly picture.

P.S- Here’s what I like: Bubblegum. The largest recorded nose bubblegum bubble is 16 inches, which is rather large for a nose bubble. Someday I’ll break that record.

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Here is what my room looks like at Christmastime.

This is an ornament of myself that I made out of two pom poms and sequins and glue!

My favorite snowglobe is this one.

Tinsel: simply a dream for everything!

The list is rather a struggle to roll up. I can’t show the other one, because it’s all the things I want to give!

That is the end of the tour, and I have to go NOW!, because we are going to get pizza and watch White Christmas and drink Eggnog Panch. Eggnog Panch is a Christmas Punch made from eggnog and ginger ale, and it is called Panch because one time I wrote the recipe out and hung it on the fridge, and since the U in punch looked a little like an A, when my brother saw he said, “What’s Panch?”, and we’ve called it that ever since. We think we are clever for it, and I like it! I made up the recipe, for your information.

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