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My oldest sister Stephanie was married (to Micah) in the beginning of June. It was a very miniature wedding, lacking much fuss, really, which isn’t what they wanted at all. In fact there were only two guests, my brother Peter and his girlfriend Abi. We couldn’t go because it was too far away and also we had to milk.

So, instead of an enormous fancy wedding where nobody has fun and all the money you spent on it goes down the drain, they had a wedding celebration later in June! It was in hay mow of our barn, and mom and I made all the tissue paper flowers. I made all the paper cranes. It was wonderful, and I built a hay couch. It was a pain to sweep out all the extra hay as we had just unloaded a couple of days before, but setting everything up was fun.

Sorry if I sound sleepy, because I am!

I had a physical yesterday and apparently I am in prime condition. I wish they had told me my height.

So anyway, happy wedding to us all!


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I have dreamt of having call ducks for nearly 2 years, ever since I saw them quacking loudly at the fair. Anyway, they arrived on the last day of school. They are a nice portable size and they fit softly in your hand. They are all sprinkled over in a soft down and stick their chests out very properly. Also they have a miniature bill and little leathery feet. It’s like one breath could blow them away!

Isn’t it marvelous that a flock of docks can be wrapped up in brown paper and tied up in string with a “par avion” label and flown across the country? The postal service is the most magical of all government branches.

There are 6 ducklings and they are 6 days old. They still get a little startled and cheep rather loudly when I pick them up which makes me sad, but that’s only to be expected I guess. I am so glad to have them! Hooray! Just wait until you meet them, I’ll post pictures later this week probably.

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Oh, the places we’ll go!

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This is another present from Christmas! It’s a vase with beaucoup d’elegance! I so far have used it with a candle inside, and it looks like a magic lantern all lit up, and casts a blue glow, like being under water. I love it! It is my first vase, so I can’t wait until it’s summer to put dahlias in it, which are the world’s  most pretentious flower, of course.

This is another present, this gray sweater! It is very warm and has 6% rabbit hair!

Today is Darby’s birthday! He is 8 years old, even though he doesn’t know it. I sang Happy Birthday to him and he rolled onto his back, so I think he is probably enthusiastic. I am going to make him special homemade biscuits with cinnamon in them. He loves cinnamon! Darby is a wonderful person, and goes everywhere with me. Someday we will climb Mt. Vesuvius!

It is cold outside, but there’s no snow, not even a dab! Tomorrow we are going to Vermont to visit my sister Margot and drop off some things for our new house/farm. We are moving to a farm that is neighbors with Consider Bardwell farm, which is where Margot works. I am not sure how long we’ll be gone, but only a few days. We are taking the dogs with us and also I have a whole pack of bubblegum, so we are completely prepared.



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Today I gave the dogs baths and now they are puffy and shiny, but my back hurts! I also wrapped up the last of my presents and checked everyone off my To Give list, which is an enormous weight off my shoulders. I have a headache.

This year we are going to Connecticut for Christmas, where my brother lives! Everyone is coming, and it is going to be fun. I charged my camera. I can’t wait for Christmas! So, I won’t be here for four or possibly five days.


and see you later!


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I am on a rendezvous at my sister Stephanie’s for the weekend, and tomorrow we are catching the train into New York City to throw tinsel on the Rockefeller tree and dance on the piano at FAO Schwartz. It’s going to be simply a dream, and when I’m back we’ll all have Christmas punch and surprises! I can’t wait to go to the city and say Bonjourno to all the old pals!

P.S. The Surprises are really something!

P.P.S.- I am also doing a spot of shopping.

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I hope that everybody’s thanksgiving was bloatful! Mine was, and I will do pictures of it tomorrow, but today has been too busy, and this is really all that I can spare, now that it’s christmastime!

Oooh, I love Christmastime!


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